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“When Pushing Stops Working” Seminars

We talked with folks about symptoms and syndromes. We helped folks with a deeper understanding the push-crash cycle. We discussed reactions to chronic stress, medical approaches, and creative strategies of self-help and support. We backed it up with research and experience.

What attendees and hosts have said:

“Just wanted to say thanks again for the very informative presentation, as well as for all your support, and for making that long trek down and back”

Sue, Richmond, VA

“We want you back!”

S, Buena Vista, VA

“I just wanted to send you a special thank you e-note to tell you how much our Woodbridge Group enjoyed your seminar. We all found it to be extremely informative and enlightening, especially the part about stress and how that plays a huge part of our battle [...]. You have given our "new" group just the launch/boost we need to begin our journey.
Thanks again. Aspire to Inspire,”

Denise, Woodbridge, VA

“I just wanted to thank you again for presenting this evening. I was really inspired, and encouraged to see like minded folks saying things that
really make sense.”

Cheryl, Northern VA

“Just want to say thanks for a great event. The feedback is very positive, and many people personally told me how much they enjoyed the presentations.”

Charlotte, Central VA



Richmond, VA

July 27


Leesburg, VA

September 5

Doylestown, PA

June 16


Mar 3


Severna Park, MD

Dec 10

Ocean Pines, MD

December 2

Tysons Corner, VA

November 26

Reston, VA

November 14

Charlottesville, VA

Nov 14

Elkridge, MD

October 11