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  1. Bullet Advertising & The End of the World
    Sut Jhally, PhD (1997).
            More about this video.

  2. Bullet Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community
    Robert D. Putnum (2001)
           Book. Bowling Alone Website.

  3. Bullet The Century of the Self
    BBC Documentary 2002 exploring how psychology contributed to increasing
            individualism in post World War II America. Wiki

  4. Bullet Creating the Consumer

  5. Bullet The Longest Day: The Classic Epic of D-Day
    Cornelius Ryan (1994)

  6. Bullet Medicine in the Middle Kingdom
    Chinese Medicine Documentary
        LucasFilm. 30 Minutes. Has been shown on The History Channel. On Disc 7 of
        The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones - The Early Years DVD.
        Learn more at

  1. BulletRiding Grace: A Triumph of the Soul
    Alissa Lukara


  1. BulletDazed & Fatigued in the Toxic 21st Century
    Mark Llewellyn Hall
    A Memoir and FM & CFS Recovery Story


  1. BulletCFS is a Call for Soulwork
    Gretchen Brooks Nasser



  1. Bullet Riding Grace readings with Author Alissa Lukara, Elly Brosius moderator

       Riding Grace: A Triumph of the Soul  June 14th 2007. Readings.

       About Writing Grace: Online & Teleconference Course  Oct 2007.