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The Art Of My Healing (PDF)


Elly Brosius

July 2010

Layers Of Healing Activity (JPG)


Elly Brosius

July 2010

Brain under Stress, Healing in Mind

This is your brain.

This is your brain apart.

This is your brain apart from the heart.

This is your brain apart from the heart of the matter.

This is your brain apart from the heart of the matter, in the matter.

This is your brain apart from the heart of the matter, in the matter of health.

This is your mind.

This is your mind a part.

This is your mind a part of the heart.

This is your mind a part of the heart and body.

This is your mind a part of the heart and body, the matter of the soul.

This is your mind a part of the heart and body, the matter of the soul, for the healing of matter.

A nested meditation by Elly Brosius, 09-5-07

    1. A

    2. Acceptance & Appreciation are key for me.

    3. I find it
      Advantageous to
      Apply Acceptance & Appreciation to self and others equally,
      to give my
      ttention to the Body, the Mind, and the Spirit,
      Adjust my Attitude,
      Adjust my phrasing to demonstrate Acceptance & Appreciation.

    4. Acceptance - Accepting - Saying Aye (Yes)

      Acceptance: to receive, take on, agree, welcome, acquire, undertake, assume, take responsibility for, believe, trust, buy, swallow, go along with, consent, concur, acknowledge, submit to, adjust to, make the best of, face up to, reconcile oneself to, live with, adopt, credit, embrace {{ hug }}

    5. For me, accepting is NOT about agreeing with or pleasing everyone.
      For me, accepting has become about saying Yes to the
      inner feelings I have that will help me say No to
      outside stuff that interferes with my health
      (people, professionals, family traditions).

    6. Appreciation

    7. Appreciation: Gratefulness, Gratitude, thankfulness, recognition, valuing,
      treasuring,  Admiration, regard, respect, esteem,  Acknowledgement, realization, knowledge, awareness, consciousness, understanding, comprehension, be sensitive to, grasp, fathom, be wise to,
      gain, rise, go up, soar, escalate, rocket, grow, Grow, GROW

  1. I am Growing w/ Gratitude

    1. Appreciating what is going well, what I already have,
      calms my frazzled feelings, slows the shrinking in my life,
      gives my health a chance to grow.

    2. Gratitude offers a counterbalance to
      my feelings of anger, frustration, greed, loss.

A Graduated Gratitude

    1. Why should I be grateful? My life is hard!

    2. OK, I have some food, a roof, water.

    3. True, with friends, support, coping is easier,
      but I’d still rather not be dealing with this.

    4. I’m now appreciating anything that can give me a smile:
      Scooby, flowers, TV, cars, jokes.

    5. Wow, I’m listing things I like about me, not just others.

    6. Hey, I’m listing abstract gratitudes,
      rather than accomplishments & things I’ve “beaten.”

    7. I’d never have learned XYZ w/o hardship.
      Thank you for that needed “failure.”

    8. I’ll know I’ve topped gratitude and acceptance’s potential when I say:
      Everything makes me who I am. I love me.
      I Appreciate All that is and ever happened.

    9. Elly Brosius 10 - 25 - 2008

  1. Over Do Ode

by Elly Brosius, 01-20-09

I needed a new view

About Over Doing

Its been long Over Due

What if the Golden Rule is True

What Goes Around Comes Around

That Karma is ever happening and noticeable

As I unto myself

As I unto others

Is happening to me

When I over do

When I push and spew

Not able to heed my inner inklings

I don’t have to get mad or get sad

When those I encounter don't heed me either

I just showed them I could do more than I can

And they believed it

I showed them I don't listen to me or what makes sense

So they don't have to

I showed them I am willing to crash myself

So they can trash me too

When I am too much-ing

Over doing to please

Over doing for praise

They show me how I am 

Treating and depleting myself 

Though I still resist even knowing

It isn't personal

It isn't revenge

It is a mirror

I cling to thinking

I’ll get away

I’ll get away with it

Pushing has felt so good

Cheating at life

High on the drug of my own adrenaline

To show how good I am

How better I am

How I might win

But what do I do

When that part of the show is over?

When I can’t even keep up appearances?

What do I do

When Pushing Stops Working?

What might I do when

everything pushes back

slaps me around

In the very same ways

I've been stressing from within

without seeing it or admitting it?

I can harvest from what has been

Generate a new view

Rejuvenate and renew

The cosmos cannot give me credit for things I over do

If I have not taken credit for my over do ways

Have not done my over due reappraise

It isn't personal

It isn't blame

It is a mirror

In which I might see

I get beck from the world

What I put out there

Change doesn’t start with stopping the pushing

It begins with accepting the feedback

With reduced surprise, eventual grace

Uncomfortable knowledge

Uncomfortable feelings

Uncomfortable new self care

From having been there

From having over done this, over done that

A few thousand times each


Guiding us back to the well

Though we'll fight or flight it

Learning from what happens

Becoming Grateful for it

Embracing the Consequences

Slows the fall

Balances the act

Breaks the cycle

Worth it because ...

there are no do overs, over doers,

only our patterns repeating until we’re done in or delivered.

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