Teleconference 2008


Chronic Immunological & Neurological Diseases Awareness Day was a great opportunity to address symptoms and syndromes, an “always on” stress response, and strategies of self-help and support.

Notes from this teleconference are available. Clicking on next 3 links will open note pages in  separate window which you could leave open when you listen to the playback. The playback has been moved to a page with slides. Click here.

Part I Notes: “Making Connections”

Part II Notes: “Stress Talk” and Q&A

Part III Notes: “E T Phone Home, Gratefully”

Listener comments:

Thank you for all that you do!!!!   It means so much to us that do not have support groups in our areas. The teleconference was so uplifting!!!!!   and insightful!! 
I am grateful that my cell battery [lasted].

- M. C. in RI

“I loved the webinar / CFS conference call.
I got a lot out of it.”

  1. -A. C. in ME

I really enjoyed the Audio. I hope to listen to the WPSW audio again some time n the coming week. Sincere thanks to you and Jonathan. I’ve been reflecting on good stuff all day.
- A. M. in Australia

Awareness Day Teleconference 2008

When Pushing Stops Working

A presentation by

J. Gilbert & Elly B.


169 minutes

Recorded May 10, 2008

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This event is dedicated to people with CFS/ME, FMS, IBS, MCS, adrenal fatigue, IC, and other syndromes,  to people who have trouble getting out to events, to people who don’t live near helpful support groups.

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